Diy: iphone case ♡

Hey guys                                                                               So heres a amazing trick that you would love, instead of paying for a phone case (doesnt matter which phone) you can make your own 😱

1. Equipment                                                                   You will need a see through phone case to fit your phone, hole punch, scissors, picture you want and a pen/pencil 

2. Tracing and cutting                                                   Trace phone case onto picture and cut it out 

3. Camera lense                                                               Place picture in case and trace around camera lense opening 😈

4. Hole punch                                                                    Using a hole punch, punch out the camera lense opening 

5. Apply                                                                             Place your phone in the case. And there you go, your own phone case 😊❤️

Okay guys hope you like this, byeee ✌️


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