Diy: room decor 💫

Hey whats up you guys?!! So instead of posting a blog once a week i decided i will post blog as frequently so that means MORE DIYS, DIY or DI DONTS and LIFE HACKS 🎀

This diy will show you easy and simple diy room decorations!

Easy tape decor: you will need

  • Different colour tape
  • Wall 😂


  1. Find a wall that has nothing on it and its clear 
  2. Get your tape and start taping on the wall, any shape you like but i perfer a triangle 
  3. Tape it on the wall in a pattern eg. Blue, green, pink 

And there you go a easy tumble room decor 

Paint it: you will need 

  • Different paint colours 
  • Tape 
  • White canvas 


  1. Get your tape and do any shape or design on the canvas and then TAPE IT!!
  2. Get your paint and dab it on the canvas or you can just paint it 👌🏽
  3. Then take off the tape 

There you go, so easy to do a diy room decor 




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