Diy: bleached Ombré shorts 💁🏽

This is my latest do it yourself post and this is a easy shorts to use for summer 🌞

You will need:

  • Old jeans or but at a local thrift/op shop
  •  Scissors 
  • Bleach
  • Gloves
  • Plastic tub or bucket
  • Washing machine

1. Cutting

First of you will have to cut them longer first, if you cut them short it might not fit because it will get shorter in the washing machine, so make sure you try them on 

2. Lining 

Try them on and draw a line where you want to cut them, you can keep doing this until your get the length you want 

3. Bleaching 

*Please do this where you will want somewhere wih a sink and a well opened area* Wear a pair of old clothes as this could get messy, if you get any bleach on skin make sure to wash off with soap and water 

First pour some bleach into the bucket, enough to cover the bottom and about 2 inches high *you do not need that much*

Dip the third of your shorts into the bleach *make sure you wear gloves* press them down to cover both sides. Next, pull them out of the bleach and let them sit until they fade to white.

If its taling long, dip them back into the bleach for a bit and it shouldn’t take that long to fade to white 

For the second part of the shorts, pour 1/2 cup of water into the bleach. Then dip the shorts back in, to the cover the next section. Pull the shorts out and leave them to sit until your desired colour *do not leave into a light colour, you want it right in the middle of the dark end and the white end to give that ombré look*

4. Soaking 

Once it looks perfect, take your shorts to the sink and rinse with cold water and soap, once you have most bleach washed off, bring them out and put them in the washing machine to get hem nice and clean *please use your gloves still*

5. Final product 

After you have dryed the shorts you can go ahead and use sisscors and add little cuts  to give it that ripped shorts effect, do this to both sides, you could also distress this shorts and add other stuff onto it *This is optional* 



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