Instagram: Inspiration 🌈

Social media like instagram, facebook, twitter all have different themes but also on Instagram i had inspiration from many different ig accounts and if your looking for a theme on instagram check theese ones out … 

                        My instagram account  
(Not in any particular order)

Bright black and white theme                             First inspiration ig: @anorganisedlifedesign   

Warm tone and bright theme                         Second inspiration ig: @thatsojack   

Dark cool tone theme                                          Third inspiration ig: @jennxpenn  

Cool dark tone theme                                        Fourth inspiration ig: @domertator                            


Bright toned colourful theme                                       Fifth Inspiration ig: @mahoganylox   

Vintage, warmed tone theme                                     Sixth inspiration ig: @arose1860 

Pink and bright toned theme                                     Seventh inspiration ig: @rickydillon 

Simple, casual theme                                                   Eighth inspiration ig: @connorfranta   

New york tumblr theme                                               Ninth inspiration ig: @newyorkerdem 

 Beachy, warm, summer tone                                      Last inspiraton ig: @asenseofhuber  



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