Me: favourite apps πŸ€”


Do you ever want to know what apps are trending, that everyone uses. Everyone has there own favourite apps for there picture or social media πŸ˜„πŸ“±I personally love using apps. Most people these days like celebrities, people have filters for there photos and post it on there account. But now ill show you what my favourite apps are …. 

(No particular order)                                                     1. Instagram (free) my favourite thing about instagram is that you can have a theme for your pictures πŸ‹


2. Vscocam (free) i love this app to add filters, saturation, contrast and more onto my photos 

3. Soundcloud (free) one of my favourites is this app because i can share music i like to people, i can also save it as my playlist and i can listen to people covers, remix and more 

4. Quizup (free) this app is mostly a quiz with a random opponent and i like this because its fun to play and gets rid of your boerdom 

5. Snapchat (free) puking rainbows, big eyes, and more. This app allows you to send pictures to your friend and it will disappear once seen and you can also add celebrities like kylie jenner, cameron dallas etc 

Well thoose are just some of my favourite apps, like and comment if i should do more of these blogs because i would love to do more of this πŸ€—


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