2015 favourites 🎊

Its nearly the end of 2015 and i wanted to show what my top 5 favourites for 2015 are

5. First off these original adidas superstars $120 are so comfy and there black and white which basically fits into any clothes your wearing. Also the original stan smiths $120 are also comfy and its basically plain white with green. 

 4. My next favourites are bluetooth speakers and also beats headphones there so good to have if your traveling and you can pump any songs up anywhere you like with wireless speakers. 

 3. Okay so this definitely has to be in my 2015 favourites Justin Biebers new music releases don’t judge i’m in love with Justins new songs such as Sorry, love yourself, Company etc and also Ariana Grande’s Christmas and Chill ep omg her voice sounds so amazing, her christmas ep is like classic Christmas carols but then she made it modern which sounds so good. 

 2. My other most favourite for 2015 is Ariana Grande’s perfume called Ari its smells so good, i’m pretty sure i got it from mum or dad but im in love with the smell.  

 1. Okay so my top Favourite of 2015 has to be TEEN WOLF SEASON 5 and SCREAM QUEENS I’m obsessed with both of them, teen wolf season 5 was amazing and i cannot wait for 5b coming out next year. Also scream queens a new tv show that Ryan Murphy created was so good and i hope there is season 2 coming up but is Channel no.1 dead?  



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